You Built The Website, Now Get Some Traffic!

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Are you struggling with the problem of how to increase website traffic to your blog or web page?  Have you had struggles finding the proper tools and ideas to promote your site and increase website traffic?  Anyone who has tried Internet Marketing has had these problems, and more, as they try to figure out the most effective and successful ways to have their sites ranked high by the search engines and have a steady stream of targeted visitors viewing their site each and every day.  The Website Traffic Store is here to help you navigate the tangled byways of search engine optimization, keyword research, web traffic generators and the best ways to promote your website.


The number one goal of all of your efforts is to increase website traffic.  Without traffic, your website or blog will perish from neglect and regardless of how nicely laid out it is or how relevant the content is, a lack of website traffic means a lack of success.  You need to understand keyword research, search engine optimization, content creation, video marketing, social media marketing and other areas of Internet Marketing that you will face each day.

website traffic store

Before you spend a lot of time and a lot of money on your new web adventure you need to do some basic homework to help you get started correctly.  Make sure you have purchased a hosting plan from a reliable host provider (we have reviews on some of the top suppliers in the industry) and have at least one domain name purchased (you will need this to purchase your hosting service).  If you have a niche or area of interest that you want your site to focus on, use the free keyword planner from Google and determine the best keywords for your site or blog.  You will need to use these keywords properly in the creation of content for your site so make sure you choose high value, low competition keywords.  You may be a huge fan of archery and want your site to focus on it but you need to find archery-related keywords to make your site stand out from the thousands of other archery sites already in existence.  The Google keyword planner is a great tool to help you with this part of your project.


Creating high quality, relevant content for your site will be your next, and most critical, activity.  You must have articles and videos that will interest and engage your visitor and the search engines pay very close attention to what you post on your site.  If you just post articles that you found online the search engines will probably ignore your site or rank you on page 200 of their search results, guaranteeing that no one will ever find your site.  Original, interesting and relevant material will catch the attention of both the search engines and your visitors, resulting in higher search engine rankings and more website traffic.  We will look at a few basic tips to help create high quality content.


Don’t be overwhelmed by phrases such as building quality backlinks, video marketing, social media marketing or search engine optimization (also known as SEO).  While all of these activities are important to the success of your website, you can do them slowly and learn as you go along, there is no need to do everything all at once.  We cover some basic techniques to help you do all of these actions correctly without confusing you.


You are about to take part in the exciting new economy of the 21st century, Internet Marketing.  With a good action plan, and some common sense, you can build a great website, increase your website traffic and have a successful site to call your own.